About Us

Why We are

AMSWAY INC is US Corporation established and in operation since 2003 with corporate office at 837 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11235 and Display at 585 W Merrick Road. AMSWAY INC is enjoying the position as an icon of home textiles industry Catering to a wide range of clientele, supplying across USA as a wholesale and distribution company with full rights and priority over the production facility of Amtex.

Our Philosophy

AMSWAY INC has the core philosophy to provide best quality to the customer. Sustaining high level quality is the dominant factor in all the areas where AMSWAY is performing and the aim is not just to be at par with the expectations of the consumer but to exceed these expectations. Our all management priorities and strategies are designed keeping this philosophy in mind. Success in quality based product line can not be achieved without inducing right amount of financials, Amsway inc has acted smartly by optimizing its costs with the help of its technical wing across the board in all areas from raw material procurement to customer service.

Developing synergies by keeping abreast with our strong vendor base establishing partnerships so as to have the flexibility to react to the dynamics of ever demanding and growing parameters of market and global business. This requires vision and deep rooted awareness disseminating this plan down the line so as to make each and every part a contributing factor and step towards giant success by joining hands so as to capitalize on strengths. An orientation of this level has been already initiated with the launch of vendor city in a close proximity to our processing units as well as off shore supply chain management and logistics have been strengthened to maximize returns.

Innovation has been the most significant contributing factor in shaping and  orientation towards the use of home textiles. AMSWAY is the proud forerunner of introducing technology fabrics enhancing the value of household sheets by adding value to the product providing additional benefits to the end consumer. These innovative technologies let consumers enjoy wellness features built in to the sheets. AMSWAY does not limit its versatile approach to its core product but has taken a step forward by contributing responsibly towards environment sustainability by joining hands with vendors in supporting nature friendly packaging.